What to Expect…

What to expectWhat time should I arrive?

Once this pandemic is over, we will begin gathering in the Fellowship Hall at 9:00 a.m. with plenty of time to shake hands, enjoy some pastries from Panera and a cup of coffee, and meet a few folks. In the meantime, the service begins at 9:30 so you might want to arrive around 9:15 to get acquainted with the facility.

What should I wear?

You will find everything from suit and ties, to jeans and flipflops! We welcome everyone, so just come dressed comfortably. Dressed up or dressed down, we are glad you showed up!

What time does the service start and end?

We begin our Sunday Celebration at 9:30 in the worship center. Usually, we finish up at 10:30, but we are sensitive to the move of God. If more time is needed for response, we allow for it!

What do you have for children?

If you have children under 4, we have a nursery available during Sunday Celebration. If you prefer to have your little ones stay with you, we encourage it! Children over 4-years-old join us in the Sunday Celebration. We believe in keeping families together and helping teach them how to worship Him by providing an example! We provide children’s worship folders.