The Story

Crown_phixrBeginning on February 1, we will begin our church-wide walk through The Story, a chronological narrative of Scripture that reads like a novel.. At a time when biblical literacy is at an all-time low in our country, this journey will be a marvelous help for everyone in understanding the larger picture of God’s story of redemption for us. We will also gain a knowledge of the characters and accounts in Scripture that teach us biblical principles and reveal to us the attributes of God. We will be led through 31 weeks of teaching which will give rise to the application process that happens in our Discipleship Groups and in our children’s and youth classes.

What a great opportunity to invite friends and family who just “don’t understand” the Bible or who are curious about how it all fits together. Make a prayerful commitment now to engage fully in the walk through The Story beginning on February 1. Hardback copies of the story are available in the church office for $5. It is recommended that each family have one that can be read together to prepare for each week.