Thank You for Your Interest in Volunteering

volunteerAt First Church of God we want you to find your own special place of service among God’s people. There are numerous opportunities to use your gifts and give your time.

When you volunteer your experience a number of blessings: 

  • You find yourself drawn closer to God. In serving we feel more connected to Jesus and his teachings and the way of life that he practiced and advocated.
  • You'll know you are making a difference in other people’s lives. By giving freely of your time, you can experience the joy of making a positive difference in the lives of people who may have little or no family or means of sustenance.
  • You set a good example for your kids and teach them to love God and God’s people with their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Children who volunteer side by side with their parents grow up understanding the value and importance of helping others. They learn to practice Christian values.
  • You grow personally. When you volunteer you help others, but you also grow spiritually and socially yourself. 


Pastor Grant Powell