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Can You Hear Him Now?

Verizon Wireless created one of the most memorable marketing campaigns ever in 2005. In their commer[...]

Holy Week...So What?

  It’s Holy week… so what? Palm Sunday, according to historical Christianity, begins what[...]

Rosemary's Story

I was born in Guam, an island that is 30 miles long and 12 miles wide in the Western Pacific Ocean. [...]

Small Groups...Why Bother?

I have one question for you to ponder. When you are really struggling in life, whether it be conce[...]

Don't Miss Micah 6:8 Men's Breakfast

The men of the church…their fathers, their sons, their nephews, their brothers, and their friends…[...]

Low Country Boiled! (Updated with Photo Movie)

The Davis and Braun small group enjoyed a Low Country Boil on Sunday, February 1st. After the chur[...]

God’s Great Passion is to be with You!

The next time you go to a movie, look around and spot the person that is in the prime seat—dead midd[...]

Rick’s Story

My spiritual journey begins with a childhood filled with religion and religious duties. Not a relati[...]

Annual Business Meeting

On Wednesday, February 4 at 6:30 (following Simple Supper), the body will gather for the annual busi[...]

Low Country Boil

The Low Country Boil is for the Davis/Braun Discipleship Groups – Sunday, February 1, immediately af[...]

Jennifer's Story

As a child, I was in church every Sunday with my dad. My older siblings, one by one, gave their hear[...]