Why a “Directory”?

Most people don’t LIKE to have their picture made. But by now, you’ve all been approached by Associate Pastor Rick Braun to have him take your photo. It’s for a good purpose. Hopefully, each of you has received an electronic copy of the new church directory. We encourage you to print it out and have it on hand. It’s a work-in-progress as folks come and go to our church. We think it’s a worthwhile resource for those of us who call this “home.” The directory is intended to serve several purposes. One, and most important, is for the purpose of praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ. We encourage you to flip through your directory each week and look at the names and faces of those worshiping beside you each Sunday and Wednesday. As you do, pray for them…by name. That will help with purpose number two…KNOW the names and faces of the people you called “family” of God. Greet them by name. Know their story. Ask them how you can pray for them. Who lives close by? Who has a different area code? Why? Third, and most obvious, get in touch with each other. No…seriously. Call someone. Email or text them to say hello, to pray with you, to have coffee, to just check in with them. We NEED each other. We do. And most of us are lonely – we want to connect. So, you have a tool now to help you. USE your directory and then, give a testimony as to how God blessed YOU because you were brave enough to reach out and use that tool we’ve put in your hands. You’ll be headed in the right DIRECTion!