FCOG Men in the Shadow of the Cross

The Micah 6:8 Men’s Ministry has been busily engaged in ministering to those in “the shadow of the cross.” That is, they were made aware of a widow in our neighborhood who was living in conditions that were unsafe and that could be addressed by the skills and contributions of our little congregation. On a regular Saturday morning gathering, after breakfast and fellowship, the men gathered in the front yard of Linda’s small home and repaired the unsafe front porch and the electrical problems in the bathroom. While some measured and cut, others nailed and gave direction. Others raked and cleaned the yard, some gave encouragement, while others removed electrical problems and installed new lighting. Later, others returned to paint the porch and put on a finishing touch.

In just a short amount of time, and with just a few resources, our men were able to address the needs of a widow down the street…and they received the blessing! Well done, men. We are so proud of your testimony in the neighborhood and we invite anyone who would like to be a part of giving and receiving a blessing to join us for our next Micah Men’s Ministry on Saturday, July 11 at 7:00 a.m.