First Church of God Panama City has a history that goes back as far as 1913 when W.O. Williams baptized W.L. Pridgen at Sannibelle Isle. Six years later, W.L. Pridgen was ordained as a deacon in the Church of God (Reformation Movement) and led a small group of believers until World War II interrupted the gatherings and the congregation became scattered. Years later, in 1947, the group reorganized and met at the Bay Harbor Community Building under the leadership of Rev. Walter Kufeldt who was installed as the first pastor by W.O. Moon and Rev. L.S. Mowery. In 1949, the present property was purchased and a new building was erected and dedicated in 1951 [pictured below]. In the mid-1970’s, during the leadership of Rev. Roy Ratcliff, the present facilities underwent major remodeling which was supervised by George and Jerry Pridgen. The metal roof and front porch addition were added in 2010.

The Lord has sustained His Church through the years, and we believe the future will continue to witness God’s hand on His people.

Old Church