Discipleship Groups

low country 3Everyone needs support and encouragement on their journey of faith. We need someone who knows our name and our needs. Discipleship groups provide that. Groups of 6-12 meet following the morning worship or at different times throughout the week to apply the principles that were taught in Sunday’s celebration.

Groups are like mathematics: they multiply and divide.  It is the intention that once a discipleship group has reached a maximum size, they would divide and form two smaller groups, allowing newcomers to join in comfortably and maintaining a manageable size so that everyone can share, and individual needs can be met!

Some discipleship groups may also meet throughout the week. These groups are not necessarily “sermon-based” groups, but they intend to provide a time for deeper study and fellowship for those who may not be able to attend a regular Sunday discipleship group.


Our discipleship classes are on hold for the present time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.