Why a “Directory”?

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Most people don’t LIKE to have their picture made. But by now, you’ve all been approached by Associate Pastor Rick Braun to have him take your photo. It’s for a good purpose. Hopefully, each of you has received an electronic … Read More

Big Things in Small Churches

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Pastoring a small church presents unique challenges and opportunities. However, it’s more about believing God for great things and living in the anticipation and reality of the impact we are making in the lives of people and our surrounding community. Little is much when God is in it. Jesus said, “Go and make disciples.” You cannot make disciples unless you reach your community. Our church is significant and necessary in our community. We’re making an impact in our corner of the world. Small groups offer more individual contact with the congregation. We listen to people, pray with them, identify with their needs, and challenge them to believe God will do great things in their lives. We believe in God for the greatness that He sees in them. In many cases, the family is so broken today. Therefore, the family environment of a small church can become a surrogate family. Small churches can welcome people in and make them feel like family and get to know them more easily. Young people can be in a smaller-church environment where they have mothers and fathers in the Lord who can love them and make them feel significant. Small churches are able to initiate change more readily. For example, we may say, “We’ll give it a 3 month trial period; if it doesn’t work, we will change it.” We have that ability as a smaller church and are generally more adaptable. If God can use two fish and five loaves, then He can use a small church.

Community Yard Sale

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The Beatles once sang, “Come together right now…” and we have an opportunity to do just that this weekend. On Saturday, April 22nd, you are invited to join us on the church grounds as we host a neighborhood yard sale. Everyone is asked to pitch in, either by helping to set up tables, or helping others to unload their merchandise on the tables that we are providing for FREE, or by coming and selling things yourself. (You get to keep ALL of the money you make!)

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